Best Hair Loss Treatment

Looking for the Best Hair Loss Treatment?

Lots of men and women search for the best hair loss treatment, and often fail to get satisfactory results. Although we have come to associate hair loss with middle age or senior maturity, this is not always the case. Hair loss also affects young people for a number of reasons.

Besides, old age, the main culprits responsible for hair loss are hormonal imbalances, a diet low in nutrients and stress (both emotional and professional). In women, cosmetic hair dyes and low quality haircare products may lead to a weakening of the hair follicles and to hair loss.

Due to the hormonal-physiological differences, women and men should actually use slightly different treatment formulas. An open discussion with a specialist should clarify everything helping you choose the right treatment for you.

Provillus as the best hair loss treatment!

A market leader among anti-hair loss supplements is occupied by Provillus, a product that comes with two distinct formulas For Women and For Men.

Saw Palmetto, nettle root extract, vitamins B6 and B7, Maria Puama (potency wood) extract, Uva Ursi (Bearberry) extract, Siberian ginseng, magnesium and zinc are the main ingredients in Provillus for MEN.

In the variant designed for women, the ingredients include: horsetail extract, vitamins B6 and B7 and para-aminobenzoic acid.

Each of these substances and extracts plays a significant part in hair growth and regeneration, and in the absence of a sufficient amount of nutrients from diet, supplementation is an absolute must.

The inadequacy of self-diagnosis and self-treatment

Don’t let yourself lured by the promise of the best hair loss treatment, because, you may find yourself chasing wild geese.

The underlying causes of hair loss could be very numerous from emotional/psychological trauma and substance abuse to viral infections with the Herpes-Zoster virus, high fever, hormonal imbalances specific to middle age, crash diets and so on.

The list of possible causes for hair loss is much longer, and only medical exams can reveal where the problem lies. It is together with the specialist, and at the end of thorough investigations, that you can get the best hair loss treatment for your condition.