Cleanse RX Review

Cleanse RX

A most efficient means to approach bowel movement disorders, Cleanse RX is a revolutionary two-phased program that eliminates the toxic waste resulting from digestion while also bringing in the nutrients necessary for a healthy intestinal tract.

The treatment with Cleanse RX lasts for two months: the first thirty days cover the first phase of detoxification with the cleansing as such, while the following month is entirely devoted to enhancing the health level of the digestive system.

Cleanse RX ingredients

The ingredients on which the first phase of Cleanse RX relies include magnesium oxide and carbonate, psyllium husk powder and a small amount of senna. The magnesium and the carbonate stimulate the flushing of the colon, which means that you’ll start to have bowel movements periodically.

On the other hand the psyllium husk powder is the one to set the bowel movement in motion thanks to the high fiber content, but it is surely helped by the tiny laxative influence of senna.

The second phase of the Cleanse RX treatment relies on digestive enzymes, probiotics and a complex mix of nutrients and amino acids; each of these has a definite role for the health restoration of the digestive tract.

Thus, you will be able to break down food a lot more easily thanks to the enzymes, while the probiotics will preserve the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Last but not least the nutrients help to the prevention of waste accumulation recurrence.

Losing weight with Cleanse RX

During the first phase of the treatment with Cleanse RX, you are expected to lose somewhere between five and fifteen pounds with variations depending on the individual constitution and metabolic specificity. During Cleanse RX second phase, the weight loss continues but at a slower pace. The nutrients supplemented in the diet reduce the needs for food intake and thus help you keep diet under control.

Special Verdict on Cleanse RX

Do not associate Cleanse RX with laxatives as you could trigger uncontrolled flushing and get seriously dehydrated. Moreover, it is not advisable to take any form of weight loss supplements in parallel with Cleanse RX because of the high risk of adverse reactions; you could develop anemia, fatigue, digestive disorders and skin problems.

All in all, for a periodical cleansing of the system Cleanse RX remains a great solution. Yet, in order to maintain the benefits achieved during the treatment, you should definitely adjust the regular diet to healthier standards and eventually change the lifestyle a bit. Cleanse RX will thus work better!