How to Improve Vertical Jump

Learning to Improve Vertical Jump

Are You Interested in Learning How to Improve Vertical Jump? We’ve call been there before.  Playing a game of basketball and playing well, but we can’t go over the top.  Or perhaps it was volleyball.  You just can’t seem to get high enough to get those perfect spikes, or to block the ball back on the opposing team.  That’s why many people are interested in learning how to jump higher and are focused on how to improve vertical jumps.

Unfortunately working hard doesn’t always result in your being able to jump higher.  That’s right.  Hard work is not enough if you’re interested in learning how to jump higher.  Why is this the case?  Because so many people do the wrong type of training.  Doing the wrong training won’t help you, or at least it won’t help you achieve your physical potential.

What are the wrong things people do when learning to jump higher?  One of the biggest mistakes people make is the type of jump training — doing endurance training.  The problem with endurance training for those people who are looking to increase their vertical jump is this:  You are not focused on building the right type of muscle fiber.  You need to be building explosive muscle fiber so you can jump higher.

Another mistake that people make is not taking nutrition into account when they are learning to jump higher.  That’s right.  Nutrition is EXTREMELY important.  If your body is not getting the proper nutrition, then it cannot repair and recover correctly.

Now that we’ve covered several mistakes that people make in learning to jump higher lets cover things you need to be focused on.

Of course we have mentioned a proper diet, so what type of diet.  Well, it depends because there is not a 100% fits all solution, but you need energy and protein.  Protein helps build muscles, and then you can get your energy from complex carbohydrates.  This subject is beyond the scope of this article, but just realize that if you are not getting the right ‘fuel’ for your vertical jump training, you’ll not be able to jump as high as you normally can.

The other important part, in addition to doing training the builds quick muscle respond and quick response muscle fiber is recovery time.  That’s right.  Probably the most over looked component of learning to jump higher is proper recovery.  The body needs time to heal itself.  The muscles you are growing need time to heal and recover.  It is so easy to over train because of your desire to jump faster.  But, if you over train you will end up not getting the results you deserve for all your hard work.

Increase Vertical Jump

Are you looking to increase your vertical jump or increase vertical leap ability? Most people who are interested in increasing their vertical jump don’t know where to begin, so this article will lay out the foundation for those people who want to increase vertical jump ability.

Before we begin discussing how to increase vertical jump ability there are some things you must avoid and mistakes that you need to avoid.

1)  There is a lot of junk and noise out there discussing how to increase vertical jump ability.

2)  A lot of good training on how to increase vertical jump ability is counter-intuitive.  In other words, you may seem like you are doing the right stuff now to increase vertical jump ability, but chances are you are doing the wrong training.  Make sure the training program you get to increase vertical jump ability is about FAST muscle twitch and neurological response.

3)  Does the program have a money-back guarantee?  With all the junk and nonsense on how to increase vertical jump ability I recommend that before you buy ANY program you make sure it has a 60 day money-back guarantee.  Why is this important?  Because without a guarantee you could get sold a bunch of junk.  You need to protect yourself, and sometimes that option isn’t there.  So without a money-back guarantee on a program on how to increase vertical jump run away!

Now, with those being said here are some tips on how to increase vertical jump ability.

1) Never train for long-term endurance.  This trains the wrong muscles for the wrong response and will not help you increase vertical jump ability.

2)  You need to train HIGH intensity to increase your vertical jump ability.  This means you must do less repetitions and MORE intensity.  Otherwise you will end up training endurance instead of increase.

3)  You must push to the max.  This wil help your increase your vertical jump each workout.  Once again this relies on high intensity short endurance vertical jump training workouts.

4)  You must train the correct muscle fiber.  For example, if you are looking to jump higher you cannot train muscles to give you a slow muscle twitch.  Yes, it is better than sitting on the couch eating potato chips, however you do not want to get frustrated by working hard, but working at the wrong things.

In conclusion, if you are looking to increase vertical jump ability you need to make sure you are doing the right training.  Most training will have you focused on the wrong type of training.

Vertical Jump Training

If you are looking for vertical jump training and learning to jump higher you have come to the right place. This article will discuss what to look for in a proper vertical jump training program, because not all vertical jump training programs are equal!

Mistake #1:  Training for endurance.  Endurance training will NOT help your vertical jump training.  If your goal is to increase your vertical jump for basketball or volleyball then you need to be doing a specific type of training, and endurance training is not the right type.

The body will build whatever type of muscle fiber it is being trained to build.  For example, if you do long distance running you will develop a slower muscle twitch, so therefore you would have trouble sprinting.  This does not mean that you still can’t sprint well, but you won’t be achieving your potential. Consequently, a lot of vertical jump training is focused on the wrong type of exercises–exercises that won’t help you get to your potential.

For proper vertical jump training you need to focus on exercises that build fast muscle twitch fiber. Explosion type training is the type you need to be focusing on.

Mistake #2:  Not having proper rest in your vertical jump training.  Proper rest is key, and so many times people over train and do not give their body and minds the time to heal and re cooperate.   If you want to build muscle you have to give muscle time to heal and repair itself.

Mistake #3:  Not implementing a proper nutrition regimen into your vertical jump training.  Unfortunately some people have such good genetics that they don’t have to eat properly, but this doesn’t mean that they are achieving their potential in their vertical jump training.  Just because you have a low body fat percentage does not mean that you can get by on genetics only forever.

Essential #2:  To successfully implement vertical jump training you must understand even those people who are teaching you the correct techniques don’t often times follow the nutrition or the recovery techniques.  Think of it like this.  Even if you have a very powerful car with a power engine, if you put water in the gas tank, you won’t get the power you need.  Proper nutrition is like this.  And so is proper recovery.

Essential #1:  A proven system. Don’t rely on guesswork, learn good vertical jump training from a proven program, with proven results.  Quite frankly, there are dozens upon dozens of different places you can go to get vertical jump training, BUT, there is only one place that has the proven system to help you incorporate vertical jump training.    So many people work hard but don’t have the results they deserve.