How to Increase your Vertical

Having a more powerful vertical jump is something that most athletes aspire to. It’s a demonstration of their raw physical strength and depending on what sport they play can be the difference between soaring success and crushing failure when that critical “game” moment comes. So no doubt you’re in the same boat – you want to learn how to imcrease your vertical jump as efficiently as possible.

So how you add those critical extra inches of height to your vertical jump?

How to Improve your Vertical

The first step is to improve the muscle strength in your legs with the main focus being on your quad and calf muscles. It might seem a bit odd to think that adding muscle mass is going to help you jump higher but it’s a fact. The more muscle mass you have the more potential energy you have stored there to unleash in a massive burst when you need that explosive jump when you need it most. Your calves are the key muscle to gaining those last few inches of height when jumping – don’t stop working them until you feel the burn.

But you do need to be really careful of overtraining which is something a lot of athletes just don’t pay attention to. Normal training will leave tears in your muscle that will be covered with new muscle growth but overtraining prevents that repair process. Your leg muscles are going to need time to repair the damage and grow new muscle tissue if you want to see the benefits of your training. Ideally you should only really work hard on your leg muscles on alternate days. On the days you’re not training then just keep the exercise to light cardio and ideally something to help loosen out any tight muscles too like a hydrotherapy session at the end of it.

Another important note is that you shouldn’t mix weight training and plyometric training (plyos) in the same session. Plyometrics are the exercises you perform to produce short and powerful muscle responses that will allow you to hit harder, run faster or in your case jump higher. Mixing these types of exercises can actually reduce the jump gains you could make.

Plyometrics, by the way, are important because they help you build what’s called fast twitch muscle fibers and this is exactly the type of muscle mass you need to see those 10 and 12 inch gains in your vertical jump height. These are what most professional athletes will call “explosive muscle”.

You’ll also need to pay attention to your core muscle strength. Your abs and the muscles in your back need to be as strong as every other muscle in your body. Your core muscles are important for strong posture and balance both of which are important for the development of your jump.

The muscles in your feet need to be strong as do your feet themselves. You could try including the Vibram Five Finger trainers as part of your overall jump training program. Just make sure you don’t ignore the strength of the muscles in your feet or you’re missing a key element.

Having a strong mental focus when you’re actually jumping is another key skill. Did you know that if you intensely visualize yourself performing a specific action that all the required muscle groups will fire – even though you’re not actually doing the exercise itself? Several medical studies have shown that visualization is an essential part of any training program. So don’t just think about jumping higher – actually see yourself doing it. You’ll be amazed at how effective this extra step can be.

Learning how to improve your vertical jump isn’t rocket science and just consistently applying some simple and proven exercises is all you need.

Vertical Jump Exercises & Workouts 

Vertical Jumping is considered one of the most important physical movements in sports. It is naturally used in sports especially in basketball and volleyball that need to jump higher and in dancing. If you are an athlete or ballet dancer, it is necessary to do vertical jumping exercises to increase the vertical jumping skills. In this article we are providing some tips to increase the vertical jumping ability through vertical jump exercises.

At first, you have to get ready yourself. You ought to be more intense, think affirmative, and consider that you can do vertical jump workouts to jump higher. Make a directory of exercises that increase vertical jump. Make sure that the vertical jumping exercises you are choosing would help you to increase your jumping ability. Always keep in mind the Choose vertical jump exercises that would perfectly fit to you.

You can do periodic squat jumps called “leap-up” and you have to squat down as low as you can. Squatting needs right balance and more attention. Then you can jump as far as you can. Do 5 to 10 reps.

Another kind of vertical jump workouts is Box jumps. This type of vertical jump workout uses chair, stairs, box or other elevated platform with a flat surface. You can do this box jump exercise by two ways. One is performing individually and the other one is done with a partner. This exercise needs more concentration, right timing. Otherwise, you may be injured.

Broad jump is the exercise that improves vertical jump that really work on your legs. You can just stand straight and jump as far as you can.

Stretching exercises are the part of the vertical jumping program that are so simple but plays a vital role in building flexibility. Building flexibility is must if you are exploring vertical jump exercises that will increase your jump. Stretching exercise will allow you to maximize the potential for jumping, developing flexibility is important in doing vertical jumping workouts otherwise injuries may happen.

Plyometrics exercises are very essential in a vertical jumping program that is useful in increasing vertical jumping.  These exercises improve the explosiveness and pushing yourself off the ground to jump higher.  Always keep in mind you will need to develop flexibility and muscle strength to avoid injury on working out vertical jumping exercises.

You can also do some simple vertical jump workouts such as jumping rope will helpful in improving your speed in getting off the ground. This type of vertical jumping exercise will also help you to develop your leg muscles.

Another simple exercise to improve vertical jump is toe-strengthening exercises. Increase your toe power to push your body off the ground when you jump higher and give extra boost to leave the ground quicker and higher.

Leg muscles are not the only group of muscles but it will help you to jump higher. Speed and strength are the two important criteria for vertical jumping. One should need to build strength in the abdomen and hips that will give strength to base.

If you are looking for the best workouts to increase vertical jump, you can follow our vertical jump workout to increase vertical jump ability with you. Our vertical jumping programs can help you with all types of sports like volleyball, basketball and even in dancing too. Vertical jump training exercises would increase your speed and quickness. Make sure you are following right vertical jumping training exercises that increase vertical jump and do the vertical jump training properly. Check out our vertical jump-training program and start improving your jumping ability today.

Vertical jumping exercises are the right class of exercise, which is always more significant for many reasons. Vertical jumping workouts are the best promising way to achieve vertical jumping and to get back the shape.

One can reduce weight through vertical jump exercises. Surely, it is a better idea to shed kilos. Through these workouts, it is easy to burn calories that help to reduce the excess baggage of weights.

It is good to customize your vertical jump workouts by carrying out different types of workouts to increase vertical jump as well as to reduce weight. Through vertical jump program, one can get excellent body posture along with good physical condition.

It is to be kept in mind that all types of diets or starving practices will not work and will not provide guaranteed results as like vertical jump workouts.

The key point is to choose the right kind of workouts to increase vertical jump as well as to reduce weight. Choosing the right kind of workouts to increase vertical jump is easy and one should make sure that customized vertical jump exercises would make a person absolutely fit.

Hence, it is the best way to try different methods of vertical jump exercises that would help to lose weight as well as increase vertical jump.