How to Order Brownies Online

Ordering brownies is rather easy nowadays as bakeries are expanding business via the Internet. However, it all depends on how much money you are willing to spend and how fast you need those brownies. There are plenty of bakeries that have online stores. The first thing one has to do is use some sort of search engine such as “Google,” “Bing,” “Yahoo,” and so forth. There are plenty of examples of bakeries that have their own websites in which one can order online from.

At Ruth’s Brownie Kitchen, you can order either cake-style brownies or extra fudgy brownies. You can buy brownies by the half-dozen or full dozen. However, be prepared to spend at least twenty-five dollars for a half-dozen with the shipping & handling factored. All orders come with deluxe packaging for free. For an extra $3.50, you can get your order of brownies gift-wrapped.

Cornerstone Cookie has packaged brownies ready to ship. The most expensive would be the Fun Striped Brownie Gift which costs $66.75. However, there is free shipping & handling for ground travel.

Sugar Daddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties has a variety of brownies. However, the brownies are shaped like circles instead of squares. In most cases, that should not be a problem at all. This bakery has a variety of flavored brownies. You can customize your set of brownies when ordering from this bakery as long as you are ordering in multiples of ten.

Brownie Points Inc. allows you to buy brownies individually or in gift boxes. For $550, you can get a twelve-month plan called “Brownies by the Month.” This is similar to your cheese of the month club. Like Sugar Daddy’s, Brownie Points Inc. has a vast variety of brownies. If you are planning to order brownies for a certain occasion, this is one online bakery to explore. This online bakery also sells breakfast brownies.

Dancing Deer Baking Company allows you to order brownies by the gift box. Also like Sugar Daddy’s, Dancing Deer offers many different kinds of brownies. With the item called “Create Your Own Brownie Tower,” you can mix and match your favorite brownies.

The Woodstock Farmer’s Market sells brownies in fours, sixes, and thirteens (baker’s dozen).

There are many online sites in which one can order brownies from. However, there are many things to consider. One, you cannot be completely sure if the brownies you receive are fresh. Two, expect a few days before you receive your order unless you find an online bakery that has next-day delivery which usually costs extra. Three, you should send them questions about preparation and delivery before you order them. Four, you need to consider the time it takes when you make your order, the time it takes for the brownies to be made, and the time it takes to be delivered. Five, you should visit the various online bakeries to see which is the best place you want to order from.

Overall, it is not difficult to order brownies online. But, it is important to do your research before placing your order. Before searching the web, you should look for local bakeries. Perhaps they have their own websites in which you can order from. While ordering brownies online should initially save one time from having to drive to and from the bakery, it does eat up extra money and time.   

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