Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller

Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller – A Review

The Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller is a great little stroller. It’s inexpensive, it’s light and it’s a first class ride for your child for the money. I am always fascinated by how much value Kolcraft can pack into their products without flattening your pocketbook.

Best Lightweight Stroller

The definition of the best lightweight stroller has to include being light. The Kolcraft countours certainly meets that criteria! It’s sixteen pounds. That’s about as light as it gets for a unit that is still a fully fledged stroller. Let me tell you about some of the features:

  • Affordable – This is one of the best things about the Kolcraft. They are inexpensive. We bought one and used it for nothing but the mall. We would just leave our bigger more expensive stroller in the garage.
  • Reclining Seat – It’s a comfy little unit and my youngest inevitably nods off in it. It’s nice to be able to lean her back.
  • Adjustable Canopy – A lot of the cheaper lightweight strollers don’t let you adjust the canopy. This one does.
  • Childs Snack Tray And Drink Holder – Your child should be a first class passenger in her stroller. The snack tray and drink holder for junior are nice and big on this thing.
  • Single Hand Folding – I can not stress how important this is. When your little one just wants to be holding on to you and you need to get the Contours Lite in the car, you will quickly appreciate how important this  actually is.
  • Big Cargo Basket – The cargo basket on this thing is huge, especially considering it’s a lightweight stroller. There’s always lots of things to carry, diapers, bubby’s you name it.


I’m nit picking to find a whole lot wrong with this stroller. But I suppose the canopy could be a bit bigger, and when are babies were new, the snack tray was a bit high from them.

Cheap Enough To Buy As Spare

The Kolcraft Contours Lite Stroller is actually inexpensive enough to buy as a spare stroller. It’s great for those times when you don’t need a jogger or your monster double. Maybe you are just taking one child to the mall or our for a stroll.

Great Everyday Stroller

It’s also a great everday stroller. It’s big enough to do everything you need it to do, plenty rugged enough for outdoor walks on the sidewalk and the road. If you need a decent inexpensive lightweight stroller then buy this is the stroller for you.