Left Heel Pain

At occasions, you might have experienced right or left heel pain while walking for long hours. It is so common that almost every second person suffers such pain in their right or left heel after walking long distances on hard surfaces like that of roads, concrete pavements, tiled floors etc. Our body is delicate and human heel isn’t suitable for walking on hard surfaces. This is the reason why it is difficult to stand in a queue for long hours on tiled or concrete surfaces. This problem of right or left heel pain becomes more common in people suffering with obesity or overweight.

What Causes Left or Right Heel Pain

Normally, the aspects like pain in heel of foot and any other form of pain in the foot are seen only in people who are middle aged and the reason for this is said to be the excess stress that falls on the foot throughout life. As a matter of fact, this is not the case in reality, as there are many other reasons that lead to the showing up of pain in heel of foot. We have tried to focus on all the possible reasons owing to which pain is seen in the heel of foot.

The ailments related to feet are getting more common these days in people all over the world. The disheartening fact is that pain in heel of foot is seen among the younger students too and the reason for this is said to be the wrong style of living that they follow. It is true that stress is one among the prime reasons for pain in heel of foot, but aspects like use of the wrong kind of footwear that make it difficult for the fingers to be placed inside can be a reason for this ailment.

The pain in heel of foot is mainly due to the defect that is seen in the calcaneus bone or the defective tissue, plantar fascia. In older men and women, this problems arises as result of the excess stress that is laid on their feet owing to the overweight of their body. The Body mass index (BMI) is also an important aspect that needs to be considered here. By making sure that one does not use the pointed footwear with high heels, such problems can be greatly avoided. Pain in heel of foot can be solved naturally without having to undergo an operation.

Causes of Pain in Left Heel

Often people complain that they experience pain in their left heel. It is because most of us stress more on a particular heel more than the other while walking or standing on hard surfaces. Since many people are in habit of stressing more on the left heel, they experience left heel pain. There can be a number of causes of heel pain which includes, calluses, bad biting shoes, spurs, blisters on heel, flat feet, overstressed plantar fascia, or tight calf muscle. Irrespective of the cause of heel pain, it can be easily treated to get relief.

However, if you are also suffering from overweight, you will face heel pain more often than a lighter person. This is because of the fact that the heel of an overweight person goes through higher pressure and stress that tires the heel easily. This is why very obese persons may require extra support for standing or walking as it helps them to relieve pain. They can also prevent painful heel conditions by trying to reduce weight. Overweight person exerts more pressure on his bones, ligaments, bearing joints and tendons.

Running for long hours with a weight on your shoulders can easily make your heels go tired and that will make you feel right or left heel pain. This is the reason why athletes prefer to use quality shoes with extra support, insoles, and heel cups to support their heels.

A lack of arch support for heel and overstretching of plantar fascia results in right or left heel pain. While, such situation is more common in obese overweight people, anyone, including a slim lightweight person may suffer heel pain if his or her plantar fascia suffers continuous stretching. Because of over stretching of plantar fascia, a rupture may occur at the point where the plantar-fascia is connected with the heel bone. At this situation, the person will start feeling sharp and strong heel pains. In some cases, this tearing may also cause a little bleeding and if that happens, the person may also suffer swelling of heels which will further increase pressure and stress over plantar fascia.