The Jump Manual Review

About The Jump Manual

The most comprehensive Vertical Jump Training program available.  Jacob Hiller, a certified personal trainer, has studied all facets involved in the improvement of vertical explosion. Jacob has found that there are nine different improvable aspects by which you may increase your vertical explosion and quickness.  Unfortunately, most programs only target one or two. The Jump Manual is the only program to target  all aspects of vertical jump explosion and quickness.

Jacob’s combination of plyometrics, resistance training, and even diet create a comprehensive “how to” on jumping higher and maximizing your capabilities. He brings an understanding of correct training methods and why 90% of people are doing the right exercises the wrong way. He shows the user what plyometrics really are, why most people are doing them incorrectly, and how to use them to get an unfair training advantage. Furthermore, he targets previously untargeted but highly involved muscle groups have been left untapped by many vertical jump training programs, to get your whole body involved in the upward propulsion.

In conclusion, no other vertical jump program combines all aspects of vertical explosion training into one simple and comprehensive guide like The Jump Manual.

Jump Manual Review

The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller is regarded as the top vertical jump program and has been used by thousands of readers, many of which are atheletes. Jacob Hiller is renowned as a top vertical jump expert worldwide. You will realize that the program is simple to understand and the steps are easy to execute.

The Jump Manual is an “all in one” vertical jump training program that provides you everything you need in order to increase your vertical jump to your maximum level. To increase your vertical jump to its maximum you need a program that works. This is what you will find inside The Jump Manual:

• How to jump higher by learning proper jumping mechanics

• The reason why most atheletes fail to improve their vertical jump and how to avoid their mistakes

• How to manage your diet and post-workout recovery for optimal vertical jump gains

• Best exercises, plyometrics, stretching routines and quickness drills for maximum explosive actions

What You Get:

• The Jump Manual eBook

• Exercise Charts

• Videos

• Elite Jumper’s Forum (Jacob and fellow athletes going through the program will answer your questions)


• FREE 30-Day Unlimited One-on-One Email Coaching With Jacob

• Access to the Elite Jumpers’ Vertical Jump Forum

• Interview With NBA Shooting Coach Dave Hopla

• Interview With Peak Performance Psychologist Dr Patrick Cohn

The Jump Manual Review

Author:  Jacob Hiller

Price: Although some people may say that the Jump Manual is overpriced at $67, when you consider the efficacy of what can do and what it is capable of, then it is really hard to complain about how much they are charging for it. also, there are plenty of other products on the market that make the same claims as Jump Manual, that simply fall short of doing just that, all while costing the customer even more money! After taking this into consideration, it is really a no-brainer to make sure that you are getting the jump manual for your vert increase program. Also be sure to take into consideration the costs for shipping and handling when deciding if the Jump Manual is the right one for you. Typically you won’t be paying any more than $10 for shipping and handling charges, but it is always safe to be ready. Also, the shipping and handling charges are something that you are going to have to pay for just about any of the jump programs on the market today, so you will have a hard time avoiding them anways.

Guarantee: This is where the Jump Manual comes into its own, as it is prepared to back up the claims that it makes. This is something that separates it from a lot of the other jump programs. While they all make big and impressive claims as to what it can do to your vert jump, few of them are actually prepared to back up what they have said by offering a refund. That’s right, if you aren’t satisfied with the results that the Jump Manual gives you a full refund for what you paid to get the Jump Manual. This means that there is really nothing to lose with the Jump Manual. If you buy it and see the results that they claim, then you are certain to be satisfied with what it has done. However, if you don’t see the results that they are claiming for their product, then you get a full refund for everything that you paid (minus shipping charges). This means that you have nothing to lose when you are trying out the Jump Manual, and a whole lot to gain… 13 inches in fact!

What you get: So what exactly do you get with the Jump Manual? The program is very intense, and it is comprised of some very demanding exercise that have been time-tested to lead to a higher vert. All of these will be on a DVD for you so you can watch it at any time you want, and the instructions are extremely clear to make sure that you are getting the right exercise and avoiding injury at all times possible. This principle carries over to the diet that is provided with the Jump Manual, where you are given a list of foods that have been proven to help you increase you jump size, all while avoiding injury to make sure that you are safe when doing the program. However, that is not the end of what is going to be complete with the program when you order it. You will also get access to exclusive videos only available to those with the Jump Manual. These interviews could be with just about anyone of relevance when it comes to increasing the size of your vertical jump, but it is usually with an athlete that has had experience with the program, and they are there to lend their insight into the program along with their experience. Combine that with one on one training via email, and you have something that no other training program can even come close to.

Reviews: There are a lot of things that point to the fact that the Jump Manual is the way to go to increase your jump size. For one, if you do a little bit of research on some of the customer reviews, you will immediately notice a trend that pops up, and that is that just about everyone who has tried the Jump Manual was satisfied with it. The results of what most of the people see are pretty similar as well, as most report a whopping 13 inches in the time of the program, yet another thing that separates it from a lot of the other jump programs. This is right in line with what the program is claiming, showing that what you see is really what you are going to get with this program.

Conclusion: The Jump Manual really is one of, if not the greatest jump manual that is being sold today. It has everything that you could possibly want in a jump manual and a whole lot more, making it something that just about any athlete would be interested in!

Does The Jump Manual Work?

The Jump Manual teaches you to train differently to increase your vertical jump.  It is about strength and quickness resulting in explosion.  It will take you through a complete workout that builds up your fast twitch muscles that are essential for maximum explosion.

You will also discover a proper nutrition plan that speeds up the process of increasing your vertical jump to the maximum.

This is not just an ordinary program with a bunch of different exercises based on some theory that might work.  It is a fully tested program of effective workouts that gets results, and will continually get results for those prepared to make the effort.


  • A time tested program created by an experienced trainer that will increase your vertical jump.
  • Workouts are short and easy to follow.
  • Weight room alternatives are provided if you don’t have access to one.
  • 1 on 1 coaching is provided.
  • Results are guaranteed.


  • Videos are not high quality, but still fine to view the workouts.
  • Hard work and discipline are an essential to getting results.  These are not provided.

The Jump Manual is an outstanding product if you want to increase your vertical jump.  It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Where To Buy (Discounts, Special Offers,Bonus and More)?

Warning! For safety reasons, I recommend you only buy from the Official Jump Manual Website. Buying from anywhere else is a bad idea as you’re not going to get the 100% money back guarantee.