Uniquehoodia Review

UniqueHoodia is a natural supplement containing a very efficient natural suppressant: Hoodia Gordonii. An African cactus growing in the Kalahari Desert, Hoodia is known to eliminate both hunger and thirst without impairing the body’s energy level. Studies indicate that it is widely used by local African tribes to cope with the harsh living environment.

The specifics of UniqueHoodia

This weight loss supplement tricks the mind into believing that the stomach is full, and the result is possible thanks to a special molecule in the biological structure of the cactus. No side effects have ever been reported in relation with Hoodia administration.

All ingredients are high quality, the pill contains only 100% pure Hoodia, without any fillers or binders included. Packages are available for one, four or six months, with the possibility to get a discount when you purchase the six-month package. There is nevertheless a limitation to 6 boxes per customer.

There are 90 capsules available in every UniqueHoodia box, and each capsule contains 460 mg of Hoodia extract. Three capsules per day represent the recommended dosage.

We should warn buyers here that the supplement is not at all cheap, but this is just one other proof that the ingredient is authentic. Hoodia is hard to grow and it has almost been declared a species on the verge of extinction.

UniqueHoodia certifications and safety concerns

UniqueHoodia has plenty of medical endorsements and certifications such as: Organics Annex Certificate, Certificate of Analysis and Cites Certification. FDA tests conducted on the supplement have also confirmed the product as completely safe and free of E. Coli.

The possible problems may result not from the product as such but from its faulty administration. Keep in mind that Hoodia Gordonii is a natural appetite suppressant. If you don’t feel hungry you may give your body too small amounts of nutrients that could prove insufficient.

Long term problems may appear if diet is not carefully kept under control. Under no circumstances should UniqueHoodia or any other supplement come to replace normal healthy meals.