Vigorelle Review


Vigorelle and women’s orgasm

Statistics indicate that only half of the women around the globe actually experience climax during intercourse, while the rest don’t really know what orgasm is like. The appearance of a product such as Vigorelle meant a great chance for the discovery of female sexuality under different circumstances, with more intense sexual acts and an increased libido.

Vigorelle, just a topical lubricant?

A topical cream, Vigorelle is a very good clitoris stimulant, enhancing female libido and lubricating the vagina instantly. It should be applied directly on the clitoris and gently massaged in the soft tissue. Vigorelle is more than a lubricant as it increases sexual desire as well, particularly since it can be used not only before the intercourse, but during lovemaking as well. The benefits are more than sexual since a woman’s orgasm also means a great connection with the partner.

Vigorelle features

Made of herbal extracts, Vigorelle has zero toxicity and 100% safety; it triggers no side effects whatsoever, and it drastically increases the responsiveness and the sensitivity of the female genital area. The good part about the product is that it is chemical and fragrance-free and it does not contain any synthetic preservative substances.

The absorption rate is incredible, with a very high level of dermal exchange. The herbal ingredients pass into the woman’s lymphatic system and trigger the reactions from within.

Vigorelle also revitalizes skins and soft tissues which makes it idea for all mature age categories; such effects are actually achieved by the combination of antioxidants, vitamin A and vitamin C in the structure of the cream. Besides skin rejuvenation, Vigorelle will turn lovemaking into a long lasting pleasure, leaving the woman in a great state after intercourse.

Organic response to Vigorelle

Each body is unique, and therefore, no “generally valid truths” can be set for the speed of reaction to the use of Vigorelle. Imitating the normal vaginal lubrication, Vigorelle triggers an arousal response within seconds or minutes from application.

Using it correctly under the clitoral hood will also improve the reaction time. Nevertheless, the important thing is that it should work for a better sexual experience allowing the woman to relax and have the best of times.